Elder Care Mediation

Achieving Better Results Through Mediation.

Elder care mediation helps families clarify their problems, focus on the real issue at hand, and preserves family relationships. Mediation provides family members the opportunity to engage in a meaningful discussion so that they can come to a resolution together.  Read more >>


Solutions begin with communication.

People face many challenges as they age. Counseling provides the emotional support and direction necessary for individuals and families when these challenges become overwhelming or a different point of view is needed. Senior Solutions help to provide counseling to seniors and their family members at their home or in an otherwise neutral setting. Read more >>


Streamlined strategies for value-based care.

Straticare provides personalized and strategic geriatric care planning services that offer a unique, comprehensive, and flexible approach in meeting the needs of elders and their families. Read more >>

Straticare, LLC

Providing strategic personal planning family long term care.

People face a myriad of challenges and decisions when making healthcare decisions for long term care.  Straticare is a management consulting firm based in Towson, Maryland dedicated to delivering practical solutions for individuals seeking better results for themselves and their families.

Straticare’s strategic planning provides healthcare organizations with a means to:

  • Develop solutions for living and finance arrangements
  • Evaluate implications of an evolving healthcare landscape
  • Prioritize long term plans and finances
  • Negotiate managed care
  • Implement smooth home-to-care facility transitions

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